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Black Girl Magic Box

Black Girl Magic Box

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Black Women it is now your time to shine. No more sitting around waiting on things to fall into the palm of your hands it now time for you to manifest your life. 

Manifestation WORKS you just have to believe in you.

This box has everything you will need to begin your journey.

You Notebook -This is your new vent box. No more venting to people where has that gotten you? Its now time to take control. In this book you will write you good thoughts, your bad thoughts, what your thankful for, what you want in life and just your thoughts in general put a pen to paper and let it all out.



Your Sage- Its time to release all bad energy, Bad spirits, Bad everything. Its time for a fresh start cleanse your space, your surroundings and yourself.

Your Palo Santo- Take it all in. Bring back the good. 

You have 2 insects- One Dragon blood insect and on spiritual insect you can light these one at a time to your liking 

Your crystal- This  will be your new best friend. Speak to your stone. take care of your stone. Research your stone learn about your stone as it learns about you. 

Your oil -  This oil is you can use daily it’s a tranquility oil rub it on the bottom of your feet as you say your affirmation for the day 



This is your black girl magic starter kit. Your journey will go past this box but, this is where it will all begin. Its time to bring it all to reality.

I wish you best of luck on your journey and I am here if you need any help